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10.80@129 Bottle power BABY

Track went down hill as soon as the sun went down, I think the car has some 10.50's in it for sure. I cut a 1.61 short time on motor when the sun was still out, this pass was a 1.77:(
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2010 SS/RS SIM
First to run 11's (11.83)on a stock long block.
First to run 11's cam only
First to run 11's all motor
First to run 10's (10.96) and did it with a 100% bonestock long block and a power adder (nitrous)
First to run 10's (10.55) on motor in 2010 Camaro
First to break into the 5's (5.97) 1/8th mile
First to cut a 1.5X sixty foot
First to cut a 1.4x sixty foot
First to car to cut a 1.3x 60ft
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