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Originally Posted by gotpball44 View Post
Hey guys,
Well never got around to posting this. My car has been at Turbonetics for about a month now getting the r/d work done for there turbo kit. My car will be at there SEMA booth, so if anyone wants to check out what it looks like then it will be there.

It is a Single turbo kit that will be 50-state carb legal and make around 550 rwhp at least.

I have no pictures to post because they will debut it at SEMA.

The kit will come with everything needed from pipes, front mount, injectors, tune, etc. So you can add this to the list of F/I coming soon!
Very nice!!
Did you say "at least" over 550 RWHP!?!? How many lbs. of boost? Will it run on pump gas or will meth be used as well?
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