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Originally Posted by MIAPLAYA View Post
Got some more details. The kit is most likely going to release with a 62mm compressor but the kit was designed to fit a T-series compressor cover so if someone wants to get really crazy later you could easily replace the unit in the kit with a 76 or 78mm turbo later for even more power. With the 62mm compressor Turbonetics is looking at making 625+WHP at 5-7 PSI on 91 pump. The final dyno chart and kit design is being unveiled at SEMA in a few weeks. I'll be there so I'll post up more photos, details, etc then. Hopefully I'll even get some video for you.
A 62mm turbo with OVER 625RWHP?!!?!? 5-7psi. And, on 91 pump gas? Very nice.
Will that 76/78mm turbo be 50 state legal? And about how many horses will that put down at the rear wheels?
I'm gonna guess over 750?? Thanks guys!!
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