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Originally Posted by scrming View Post
One thing I found when trying to evaluate the videos.... Listen with a descent set of over the ear headphones!
Agreed...find yourself some decent headphones...either that or get yourself some nice PC sounds with a subwoofer setup.

I know it sounds silly to buy some speakers just to watch some vids...but after having my setup, I'll never go back to weak desktop speakers. Games, videos, and listening to music is so much more enjoyable. You can get a really nice sounding 2.1 Creative system for probably 50 bucks. Just my .02.

As far as exhausts , its pretty obvious that everyone's opinion on exhaust tones differs. If your looking to stay under a grand...well theres options for you, as I've noticed some of the cat-back setups have been reduced by hundreds, pushing some near or below a grand. Keep an eye on the upcoming SOLO cat-backs as well. They seem to be going for a deeper, smoother tone overall. As far as axel back, Id say hands down buddylok's setup (one of my favs) or the MRT (scrming) looks to be popular as well.
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