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Originally Posted by cannondalerider View Post
This is what I love... Americans want things for low prices (Wal-Mart). The retailer goes to find a source of goods that they can buy from to sell to consumers for a low price and still make a profit. They end up with low-quality, low-price goods that people end up hating. I love it when people blame Wal-Mart for ruining America. No... Americans ruined America (and its economy) by demanding such low prices. Importing goods < Domestic goods.

My Mazda6 was built by a robot/human in Michigan!

/Doesn't Shop At Wal-Mart... Ever
//End Rant
Don't be so quick to pin anything on Wal-mart. Wal-Mart gets a bad rap a lot of the time (and justifiably so in most cases - ie low wages/benefits/etc). However, a lot of people overlook all of the good that wal-mart has done for this country.

Wal-mart alone has dramatically increased the spending power of lower and middle class Americans. It is not that Americans demand such low prices, it is that they need these lower prices on consumer goods to compensate for the increased prices on other things (ie healthcare).

Speaking of healthcare, Wal-mart has also increased the average consumer's ability to purchase percriptions with their $4 perscription program and they are in the process of putting in health clinics into 400 of their stores so that people can seek quality health services at an affordable price.

Yes, Wal-Mart procures a lot of goods that were made overseas, but they also sell a lot of goods that are made in the USA. I am just so tired of hearing people dog Wal-Mart without ever taking into consideration all of the good that this company has done for every local economy in America.

This country is far better off with Wal-Mart than it ever would have been without it.
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