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Originally Posted by cannondalerider View Post
This is what I love... Americans want things for low prices (Wal-Mart). The retailer goes to find a source of goods that they can buy from to sell to consumers for a low price and still make a profit. They end up with low-quality, low-price goods that people end up hating. I love it when people blame Wal-Mart for ruining America. No... Americans ruined America (and its economy) by demanding such low prices. Importing goods < Domestic goods.

My Mazda6 was built by a robot/human in Michigan!

/Doesn't Shop At Wal-Mart... Ever
//End Rant
Your mazda was built (assembled) in Michigan with at least 90% of the parts made in Japan. Very little domestic content whereas, domestic autos have the same 90% of domestic parts thereby providing tier one, two and three jobs IN North America, not across the ocean.
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