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Originally Posted by lafountain View Post
I know when I went into my insurance company and had the 2nd car added, they didn't ask any information on the car other than the VIN. Their computer system put pretty much all the information in about the car that was used to determine the change to my insurance rate.
Same here...

Exactly, due to the fact that most all major insurance companies have now integrated internet access and the ability to actually ADD your vehicle to a current plan WITHOUT ever seeing the vehicles original condition.

So much information is established strictly through the VIN that they really dont need much information from you. I believe my company asked for VIN and confirmed the model of my vehicle, that was it. With that I am pretty sure they can get an approximate value with your make, model, and weight of your vehicle is also listed on your VIN...and as stated before...your age and driving record are truly the only other major factors.

If you are over 25 and your record is great..I would not be to worried about it, but if you are under 25 (only a year away) like myself and regardless of record......prepare to pay, at least thats my experience in Florida.
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