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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Sooooo, you will penalize yourself by kissing a pretty girl in public, ehhhh?

That's really risking alot. LOL

I might do that just for fun. Mrs. Number 3 and I are going grocery getting so I'll kiss her in public and tell you what horrible things befall me for doing that.
Yeah, but what if I were to kiss her in public... NOW you see the risk

And NO... You guys don't get to choose the girl
Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
Yes, MC69, the Rotrex is a vane supercharger (it is very much in love with itself).

It is a mechanically driven vane supercharger. So on the business end it looks like a turbo, but on the driving end it is a belt drive rather than exhaust gas vane driven.

It looks like an interesting drive mechanism too.
Yeah, but is it a TURBOcharger? Was turbo derived from turbine?

..... I forgot what we were talking about... Did someone mention cold beer and fries?

Oh yeah, Is an LS3 really just a fancy air compressor? A SUPERcompressor? (TURBOcompressor?)
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