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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Yeah, but what if I were to kiss her in public... NOW you see the risk

And NO... You guys don't get to choose the girl

Yeah, but is it a TURBOcharger? Was turbo derived from turbine?

..... I forgot what we were talking about... Did someone mention cold beer and fries?

Oh yeah, Is an LS3 really just a fancy air compressor? A SUPERcompressor? (TURBOcompressor?)
Well I kissed Mrs. 3 at the grocery store and nothing bad happened. So now I understand what you meant.

Websters helps us a lot on the definition.

tur⋅bo⋅charg⋅er  /ˈtɜrboʊˌtʃɑrdʒər/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [tur-boh-chahr-jer] Show IPA
–noun a supercharger that is driven by a turbine turned by exhaust gases from the engine.

Also called turbo.

1930–35; turbo- + (super)charger

So I think they are all superchargers, just a subset of them are driven by exhaust gasses.
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