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Originally Posted by tones2SS View Post
You want loud?!? Here ya go; STAINLESS WORKS long tube headers, STAINLESS WORKS exhaust pipes and muffler delete. If you look at the price and shy away, remember you get what you pay for. Not always, but most of the time. Check out Tag's car, He's got the Stainless Works set up and it sounds killer. Do a search on youtube for STAINLESS WORKS! You won't be disappointed.
Adding a cam will give you the lope!! Which make the car sound mean and like an "old school" muscle car at idle.
Originally Posted by mattc View Post
Dude... check out stainless works exhaust. It's like... crazy loud. Their aggressive sounding cat back has some kinda s-core turbo muffler, thats very loud. People that i've talk to on camaro5 say it was too loud for them. Do a search on youtube for 2010 camaro stainless works and watch Tag ur it car. F**kin loud. I'm debating between full Kooks exhaust or Stainless Works.

Awe shucks, guys! You remembered! Seriously, thanks.

If you want loud...and more importantly, if you want a RECOGNIZABLE sound, go with Stainless. There's a LOT of people out here where I live and with whom I work with that can simply recognize my car just by sound. If you want to save a couple bucks, just do muffler delete and spend $100 for pipes. But, get the long tubes.

Anyhow, it's always nice to see some vids, so, here ya go. Compare the different vids and see for yourself.

Oh, and I STILL have my chambered sitting in my garage I have to install and try...the 3" were too damn loud...the 2 1/2" mufflers are kick @ss...and the chambered are probably going to be too quiet. But, I need to try them.

and with the 2 1/2
The only change in this video are the mufflers. The previous S-Turbo mufflers were 3" in diameter inside the mufflers. These are straight through 2 1/2" THR mufflers.

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