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So the install is done... kind of wish I would've left the headlights yellow but didn't want the attention from the cops.

As for the deliver and customer service, I've already chimed in but now the install.

Mixed feeling here. The directions were very thorough and all that, wish I'd read them but I'm a man and I like to learn new things. Anyway, I installed the side markers, the first one was a PITA but after I saw they were about 1mm shy on each side I just centered them and they look just fine once installed.
The back lights came next. After the first one I figured out NOT TO take the overlays off the paper before installing them.

Tip: PEEL the top of the overlay off the paper, stick it to the light, then peel the rest of hte paper off. This way you avoid fingerprints. I tried a mixture of wet and dry installs, not sure how I feel either way yet. If you line things up right the first time, you don't need wet at all but if you're experienced with things like this or with tint, just do wet where wet is called for.

My only concern so far is a few tiny bubbles and a strange smudgy look behind the overlays. I'm hoping these go away. The smudgy appeared on both the wet and dry installs. I hope it's like window tint and those will go away.

The yellow on the turn signals really makes those pop. The yellow on the fogs matches the car very well. The tints on the sides and tail look amazing and do not hinder the light output much. Not enough that I'll be stopped I don't think.

I wish they would've included a couple for the reverse lights.
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