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Originally Posted by Speedy1975 View Post
Also, in a fender bender the repairs are likely less than $1000 so you're less likely to use your ins in turn keeping your rates lower in the long term.
Not trying to dispute your information but the last 5 fender benders I've been the recipient of have all cost the other guys between $2k and $3k to get my vehicles fixed. These were minor too - no major damage, usually just a single slightly crunched body panel and maybe a bumper.

As far as choosing a higher deductible to save money in premiums, sure that works well, as long as you don't cause accidents. If you're an accident magnet like I am and don't cause the accident, then yes, I'd save money. However, I carry a $250 deductible since the first person to ever hit my car wasn't insured and I had to pay the deductible to get my car fixed. The insurance company went after the guy for their portion.

Doing a quick policy change quote, switching from a $250 deductible to $1000 deductible takes my annual premium ('97 C1500 & '04 Expedition) from $1092/yr to $988/yr. A savings of $104/yr.
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