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Turbo Kit for V6!!!

We at have decided to develop a Turbo Kit for the V6 2010 Camaros to satisfy the speed and power urges for those of you who opted out of the SS. We project a power increase of at least 100whp which would be enough for an SS to see nothing but your tail lights. This will be a complete kit including tune and fuel system upgrades. We are unsure of whether it will be a single or twin kit until we get a donor car and inspect it closely. So, we need a donor vehicle!! We will need the car for 2 weeks max and it will be returned to you back to complete stock untouched with a $300 gift certificate to our shop or if you decide to purchase the kit, you'll receive a generous discount over what it will be sold for. The kit will include name brand parts and will be designed and fabricated by our our talented R&D team here at

If you are interested, please contact us at the shop at:
713-681-1111 ask for Jack.

We are located in Houston, TX but if you are willing to ship your car to us we would certainly accept.

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