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Originally Posted by mrray13 View Post
a friend talked to me about a turbo and tune, mentioning that with the VVT, direct injection and a proper tune, this little v6 will be smoking, ala Grand National back in the day.

i'm a motor guy, but lack knowledge when it comes to turbos, so forgive me if my next question is, well, stupid, for lack of a better word.

my friend stated that one might be able to hold the exhaust valve open a millisecond or so during the intake stroke. this would allow a minute portion of gas to exit the cylinder and enter the turbo where the heat would cause combustion. he goes on to say this would allow for the turbo to spool up faster and make it even moree efficient and productive. is that true?

also, and maybe i'm out of place here, but i think if someone is giving you a car to basicly thrash on, the donor car should recieve a turbo package at no charge. it's not like you're not going to be beating on that car's motor with dyno pulls, tuning and just daily driving tests. just a discounted price for being without a fairly rare and brand new car just doesn't cut it IMHO.
actually... keeping the exhaust valve open a bit is what the big turbo dragsters do! That's why the have a very high, rough idle... Not sure you want to do that with a normal car though!

As for the donor car... yeah... I would tend to agree with you.. everyone that I know that's been a test mule for this kind of mod basically simply keeps the kit...
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