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Originally Posted by Queens Blvd View Post
Seems like Chevy consistently makes Camaro colors too dark. People's gripes with IOM were that it was too dark to be orange and instead looked red. People's gripes with IBM were that it was too dark to be blue and instead looked black. I think Chevy did the same thing here- the green is a couple shades too dark. I think people were hoping for something more like Mopar's SubLime.
I didn't like the IOM and that's why I have a white one. I thought the IOM looked like tomato soup. I was hoping for a Hugger orange or Tangier orange. I kinda like the green. It's better than the Legend green on the Mustangs(YUCK). I hope the Seafoam green and the Deep Forest Green stays in Chevrolet's past where it belongs.

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