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I forgot how fun bracket racing is..

I got 2nd place over all got beat by a 4th gen. Camaro in the final round .Im getting the mph (108.641 was my best) But Damn I need to practice getting this thing to hook off the line lots of tire spin.

Here is my best time...not to bad for a bone stock L99 with 800 miles on the odometer.
I will scan the time slip when I get a chance.

dial in 13.50
reaction . .099
I1 2.079
I2 5.758
I3 8.770
MPH (I3) 83.267
I4 11.313

E.T. 13.445
MPH 108.641

I broke out by.055 but still won he broke out by .094 Hey I will take it lol
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