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Originally Posted by kellyjrt View Post
I just want to add my two or three cents worth to this discussion and let you guys and gals know what I've done so far to this point. I got a v6(or my wife does)I had to go with something that would not offend her but please her at the same time and give the sound of being mean like a v8. I've done it. The right man at the right place can do wonders. I will post that infor. later with my videos. I don't won't to make this initial entry to long but here's what he did. Cut off the big gas cans (obvious thing to do, thanks screamin) converted my 2 1/4" pipes to 2 1/2" pipes, put in a 22" dual in/out magnaflow muffler up front with a built in x pipe and add 3.5" tips at the end and wham you got a grand slam. The bad boy is sweet to hear. NO cackle on decel. Beautiful deep throaty rumble at idle and she sings almost, I said almost like a v8 at accel. Your wondering about drone, virtually none, just a little more than factory setup, most of the growl comes when your accelerating, but settles beautifully when cruising. To humble the cabin sound even more I added foam egg crate insulating to the trunk area last night and it cut the cabin noise by at least 30%. My wife actually complained that she can't hear it as much when she gets on it now.. wow gentlemen how often does that happen. Let me know if you have any more questions
Your description of what you did sounds like what suavecito1177 did, except that he also removed the stock resonators.
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