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Originally Posted by cliffy View Post
Too bad its a Yenko in name only..... If Don Yenko were still alive you have to wonder what would have been. Licensing is one thing, having real heritage is another. Next you will hear they are continuation cars because the name was bought, still does not make them real Yenkos
I disagree, even when Yenko was in business it was still a business building these cars, Don Yenko didnt hand build those cars he had a team of people working on it the same as these guys will, personally i LOVE the idea, i never thought the new age muscle car wars would get this involved but now im like a kid in a candy store haha...the only thing i disagree with is the whole "phase" idea, all shops are doing "three phase" projects and i just dont like it, if you're gonna buy a Yenko it should be THE Yenko rather than one of three models cause you know no matter what someone will give you grief for it, they'll either say "well its not as fast as it SHOULD be" or they'll say "well its not as nice of a ride as it SHOULD be" so i would preffer just one model, plus thats how it was back when and i support that...also i hope these dont end up being $80,000 cars >={ we have WAY too much of that crap goin around, the new Camaros arent exactly the cheapest cars ever as it is, i hope these guys dont go balls-out with the price
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