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Originally Posted by scruffyluv View Post
I might just join you in burying those Hot Wheels! I wonder what this means for me since my has already been scheduled for production?
Do you know your status code? I'm not sure, but I'd think you are home free once you progress to 3300. I pieced this info together from other threads:

Code Event Code Description
1000 Order On Hold at Dealership
1100 Order Placed at Dealership
1101 Order Entered into System
1102 Order Entered via Web
2000 Order Accepted by GM (Dealer used allocation to place order into production)
2001 Order Generated to Dealer
2005 Order Replaced with Prospec Order
2030 Order Edited by GM
2050 Order Changed
2500 Order Preferenced (Order pulled to the production system)
3000 Order Accepted by Production Control (Order input into the production system)
3100 Order Available to be Sequenced (Order sequenced for Production)
3300 Order Scheduled for Production (Order is scheduled into the plant build cycle)
3400 Order Broadcast (Internal Plant Order Produced)
3800 Vehicle Produced (Order is built and VIN# shows in the Dealer Order system now)
4000 Vehicle Available to Ship
4104 Bailment Invoice Created
4B00 Bayed ("B", not 8)
4106 Bailment Released
4150 Vehicle Invoiced (Dealer Billed)
4200 Vehicle Shipped
4300 Intermediate Delivery
4V03 4V03 Estimated Delivery Date
4800 Rail Ramp Unload
5000 Vehicle at Dealer
6000 Vehicle Delivered to Customer
9000 Order Cancelled
Order No. NQRF51 2LT RS ABM/ Gray Int/ A6/ Sunroof
1100 - preliminary order accepted 10-30-09 Best Chevrolet, Hingham, MA
XXXX- abandoned order; bought same car at Durand Chevrolet 11-10-09 Woohoo!!! 2G1FC1EVXA9159071
2500 - order preferenced 11-11-09
3000 - order accepted by production control 11-18-09 TPW 12-14-09
3300 - order scheduled for production 12-9-09
3400 - order broadcast 12-15-09
3800 - order produced 12-18-09 My orig order actually did get built! 2G1FC1EVXA9179031

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