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Originally Posted by Cam Crazy View Post
Dude...know what you mean...I came out of Walmart to find four big burly guys checkig out my car, peering through the window and taking pics. A little concerned as I approached, I remotely unlocked the car, which caused them to simultaneously look up. They respectfully backed away and then began engaging in conversation for 20 minutes regarding the vehicle. Does this happen to everyone reading this thread?
I have had comments from across the board. My favorite is still this gem. While driving through my subdivision, there is a passle of little boys who every time I drive buy shout "hey mister, nice Chevy Camaro". Also had a woman in a van at a local grocery store drive by, stop, rolled down her window and said what a cool car. Also 4 golfers leaveing the course who stopped their truck and got out and were all over the thing. Asked to see the interior, engine. Happens almost daily, probably because there are basically none up here yet.
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