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I had a clattering noise on my LS since I got it. It happens on uneven pavement and small quick bumps. It sounds like the front end is going to rattle apart but only on uneven pavement and some pot holes. I love my Camaro but I can have a car that rattles down every bumpy road. I brought in to my dealer and they are now replacing the struts.
I wasn’t getting anywhere with the Service Manager so I called the sales manager. That is when things started to happen. I was stuck in a Nissan Altima for 4 days why the used some kind of recording device to record the sound and send it to GM. They said that the other 1SS Camaro they had on the lot is make the same noise, but both cars are within specs? I find it odd that they are replacing the struts anyway. I thought I was going to have to complain but they agreed to replace them right after they told me nothing was wrong.
The parts just came in yesterday and I plan on bring it in next week for the new struts. I will let you know if this fixes my issue.
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