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Posted merely for comparison (donít want to derail the thread), a rotary has all of 3 major moving parts. Itís a fascinating design and too bad more research canít be put into it to improve it. And it needs improvement in efficiency and power. Mazda is the only one who does and their budget is quite small. Iíd love a 3 rotar 20b style motor. The 16x is supposed to be more efficient and will be more powerful as it displaces 1.6 liters. It still wonít do more than probably 280-290hp though.

No Civic has ever kept up with me but yeah its not a stoplight racer to be sure. Especially in any kind of turn, give me a curvy track and I'll outrun a Mustang GT.

Itís a scalpel not a hammer.

If the Camaro handles even 70% as well Iíll be very pleased.
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