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Originally Posted by weeno310 View Post
found it and read it.. what a bunch of BS.. this is really starting to piss me off.. not only have i now waited over 16 weeks with no word on a TPW for my car, but now they're limiting production of the very model i ordered.. AND the colour is getting discontinued... WTF am i ever gonna get this car?? never expected to wait this long for a car.. it really peeves me to read ppl here who've ordered their cars way after me and already have their cars in their driveway.. it makes noooo sense.. my dealer says their allocation is fine, so wtf is taking GM so long to even get a TPW on my car? i call GM canada every week for an update like they told me, but everytime there's no word... i'm gonna get a hold of the higher ups tomorrow and demand my car be made or i'm out. this is BS
Guess you should do what I did, my car stopped working so I went on the internet and called locally to see who had camaros in stock. Went to the first place that had one and bought the ABM one sitting on the showroom floor that had 17miles on it. No waiting no fuss, only thing is that I had to wait until Monday since they were not open on Sunday.
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