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Brembo option on V6

Was wondering if you guys think the V6 should have the option of Brembo brakes. I personally really really want this to be avaliable, but the poll is for if you think it SHOULD be an option, not necessarily that you WANT it. I understand the calipers require big wheels, but I want the RS package which would be big enough (right?). To me, the 20" wheels on the RS package have way too much empty space inside the wheel with regular brakes. The Brembo's really fill the gap nicely. I almost want to say that they should strait up add like 3-piston Brembos onto the RS package, but some people will not want that, which is fine. But from a safety standpoint, being able to stop 20 feet (or whatever it is) less is something I would really want.

So should Brembo's be an option for V6 buyers who also got the RS?

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