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Originally Posted by 55Designs View Post
I feel the same way and experience the same jerkiness.

For one I am not used to this driveline and I have other cars that Rev to 9000RPM and I can downshift at 4-5k RPM safely because the engines RPM will spike higher and not be a huge deal. The Camaro is a not happy doing that.

I tried downshifting on the Camro from 3-4500 RPM and it locks the rear up and skids dangerously. Going from 4th to 3rd, or 3rd to 2nd and were talking speed below 60MPH

Driving this car is an entirely new experience because its so unrefined compared to other cars I have and owned. I do hope things get better.
Unrefined yeah. "zebra" is pretty much right on with his advice.

You are obviously used to European or Asian cars with their "cut through butter" manuals. Welcome to the world of the muscle cars.

Now you know why you have to rev-match on the downshifts. If you don't the rear end locks up and loses its traction. It can come around on you very quickly. That is also why you don't downshift in a turn. If you miss the correct blip the car will spin out. Conversly, if the revs are too high when you let the clutch out, the car will try to jump forward and you lose traction on the front end. Also keep in mind the rev limiter may not save you if you release the cluch while shifting at super high revs.

Rev-matching is an art, as is heel and toe, which you will want to try soon, and requires practice to become proficient. Your car has lots of torque down low so don't keep shifting-down at high RPMs. The imports have their torque higher up. That's why they have to shift at higher revs.

Try down-shifting around 3000 RPM and blipping the throttle to around 4500 RPM. Clutch should be e released reasonably quickly before the RPMs drop too far and you lose the rev-match. This should put you right in the power band in the lower gear and you are all set to rumble.

Again, double clutch requires two pumps on the clutch pedal, between which, while the gear lever is in neutral, the throttle is blipped to rev-match, before releasing the pedal for the second time. Wastes time and is not required with synchromesh gears. Also, avoid downshifting into first, unless you are just crawling along. The gear is just too steep to do it comfortably. You will just stand the car on its nose. As long as the car is moving, second gear will give you lots of acceleration.

Happy blipping.
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