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At the 1700 mile mark I replaced the engine oil and filter with Royal Purple 5w30 and one of their high performance filters. Changed the transmission and differential fluids with Royal Purple Max Gear 75w90 gear oil. The oil that came out of the differential looked like mud and smelled horrible, like the nastiest oil refinery smell you can think of. Glad I changed it!

The effects were immediate. The engine idles smoother and it's noticeably quieter inside the car; the mechanical drive-train noise is virtually gone now. I can feel how much smoother the car drives; it feels like it glides down the road now.

If anyone wants to make a nice improvement in the way their car rides and sounds, I highly recommend this upgrade. You can get the oils and filter at either Pep Boys or Autozone. If you have a manual trans SS (which is what I have) then it takes 8 qts of 5w30 motor oil, 4.2 qts of Max Gear 75w90 oil for the trans, and 1 qt Max Gear 75w90 for the differential. The 5w30 motor oil was $8.99 a qt, the filter Royal Purple #10-48 was $14.99, the Max Gear 75w90 was $15.99 a qt. So depending on what your sales tax is, somewhere around $175 for everything. If you have someplace do the labor for you, you can add that to the cost.

The trans and differential won't need changing again for at least 50,000 miles...probably closer to 100,000 the way these new cars are made. The engine oil with an oil like this will probably last 7,500 miles easily. Royal Purple is great stuff; I've used it for years and it does work as advertised!

I emailed Royal Purple to get a clarification on the trans oil and received a reply which states that Max Gear 75w90 is NOT recommended for the manual trans in an SS; it's Synchromax. Here's the reply:

The Tremec TR6060 manual 6 speed comes from the factory with an atf - we recommend our RP Synchromax part # 01512 as a first choice with our RP maxi part # 01320 as a secondary choice.

Using an EP gear oil is not recommended in this T-56 derived transmission - so the RP MaxGear 75W90 is not recommended.



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I'll be switching my trans to Synchromax on Tuesday.

Blue Angel is here!!

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