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I'm with you on this, dude (see my sig).

It seems the only wheels available for this car are more fit for some decked out luxury car or something, huh?

Cragar SS'? Won't work. AR Torq-Thrusts? Outta' the question. Any Boyd Coddington wheels that resemble them? Don't fit. Foose Nitrous? Out of the question.

There's no dice on any of those wheels, and while I am sure that at some point down the road at least one of them might manufacture them in a size corresponding to the new Camaro, for now the only available wheels that are advertised to fit the 2010 are from Coys:

The problem is, according to Stefano of Nickey Chicago (they also plan to release Torq-Thrust style rims in the future), even though they are advertised, Coys doesn't have any in stock. Luckily, I recently e-mailed a rep from Coys and he says they do about 10 Camaros a day on average and have many sets in stock so maybe they recently got them in.

Give Coys a call, because their wheels actually look better than Torq-Thrusts if you ask me, especially in the gray color. Good luck on your search, and if you find something, NOTE ME PLEASE! I am on the search for some old-iron wheels too.

Edit. Here's more pictures of that particular Camaro wearing the Coys wheels:
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