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Originally Posted by 80Zedder View Post
Its easy to figure out the production total for the year.

after ramp up which is usually a month. we can do anywhere from 400 to 500 cars per shift per day. 5 days a week and possibly 6 if saturday overtime is scheduled. so safe bet, 5 days a week, for 12 months, knock off the 2 week shutdown and week at xmas and a handful of long weekends and federal holidays. This is if we are not told to slow production or speed it up. Do the math, i can't wait till i see them rolling into my station everyday.

I will miss working on the GMT-900's more though, i had ALOT of fun in the truck plant and made ALOT of friends over there :(
Are there 2 or 3 shifts? If 3, thats 1200 cars per day. If thats the case, you will pump out 50K cars by summer. Is that correct?

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