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Originally Posted by zebra View Post
just don't double-clutch these transmissions.

there ain't no need
No need but
A: It's fun (gratifying to time it all right)
B: It IS reduced wear (albeit on something that will not wear out anyway)
C: Tactile aid in finding the revs when revmatching - you can feel it and do final corrections while pushing in the gear on the second clutch-in.

By *need* - there's no *need* to use a clutch at all in 4-5-6 if you can match the engine/drivetrain load in and out of gear and get the timing perfect - double-clutching provides another dimension to the driving experience, that can practically aid revmatching if you're not after the absolute in speed on the shift (and that becomes moot too if you're doing a wide jump like 6th to 3rd)
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