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Guys I hate to be the bearer of bad news and I hope Im wrong for you sake, but G8 GT's are built on zeta also. Mine has been sitting at the dealer for 5 weeks waiting on parts, seems I have massive front end issues after about 28000 miles. Both lower control arms are shot and various bushings, struts, etc.... They cant even give me at ETA on when the parts are even going to get here.....As soon as they get the car repaired It will be sold and I will list all parts that have to be replaced. Take a look on the G8 forums and look at the technical service bulletins out on the G8's. This is exactly how mine started with the clunking noise in the front end, and the service tech honestly told me that he had no idea how I made it back to the dealer without the LCA's breaking. I just hope this isnt the same issue.... good luck
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