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Originally Posted by GaryTucker View Post
I know one of the suppliers (supercharger maybe) has a supplemental warranty available for powertrain coverage...I'd think a tuner that has done proper testing (more than just tuning a few cars for more hp) could verify their work to an insurer and get the same type of coverage available.
Superchargers are marked up so much that the manufacturers can afford to offer a drivetrain warranty. If a tune cost $7,000 I guarantee you'd get a drivetrain warranty from your tuner, no sweat. In fact I'll tune your car for $7,000 and give you a 3-year/36k mile drivetrain warranty. PM me for details!!

So are we all agreeing the stock tune can be flashed back to stock and be undetected by the dealer if done right. And we agree that at this time it is still unknown if GM can see if the tune has been changed?
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