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Originally Posted by toehead93 View Post
Superchargers are marked up so much that the manufacturers can afford to offer a drivetrain warranty. If a tune cost $7,000 I guarantee you'd get a drivetrain warranty from your tuner, no sweat. In fact I'll tune your car for $7,000 and give you a 3-year/36k mile drivetrain warranty. PM me for details!!

So are we all agreeing the stock tune can be flashed back to stock and be undetected by the dealer if done right. And we agree that at this time it is still unknown if GM can see if the tune has been changed?
If done right? Who is to say that GM can't see them if the REALLY want to look? Just because some G8 guys are getting away with it right now...doesn't mean you'll be able to get away with it tomorrow. Especially since the tuners are bragging on boards all over the place that GM CANNOT find their tune or about how easy it is to remove. We all know that GM trolls these why wouldn't we expect them to be working on a "fix" for this issue?

Maybe the tuners ought to investigate the warranty route versus just trying to be the "cheapest" on the block. A little differentiation goes a long way in the world of marketing. Instead of looking for the cheapest, most powerful tune a customer might just look for a tune with a warranty. I will tell you that the warranty issue is one reason my cars have always stayed stock until after the warranty expired.

I don't think it would be $7,000, but it would be more $500 as it would require the tuners to actually R&D their product to a point that they could document the failure ratios of their work so that they could get an actuary to figure the failure ratios and develop a cost scenario to base insurance coverage from...this would allow the tuner to offer a warranty on their product and they could even offer two options...warranty or no warranty. I'm betting they could get their cost back pretty quickly!
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