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I have spent alot of time researching this issue and can not find any evidence GM can tell if you have HAD a tune or not. The calibration verification numbers go back to stock numbers when the factory tune is programed back into the PCM.GM wants to see a snapshot of the CVN's to see if they match the calibration numbers so they can decide whether or not the numbers are GM released or not and decide to warranty or not based on that information, not because they can "see" something the dealer tech can't. Also there is not an active flash counter on the PCM.Iave not done a tune on one but do have a customer that used a Hypertech max Energy to turn of AFM. I see no reason his warranty should be voided because of this. I'm sure there are many of these cars that are abused way more than his that have a stock tune. IMHO if you are abusing your car with or without a tune you should loose your power train warranty. You know you have to pay to play, right?
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