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Exclamation HALP! : Support driver in Kalamazoo/Ionia/GR

Ok, this is a sort of short term request but I am picking up a vehicle in Ionia tomorrow and have a flaky engagement with my current support driver.

That being said.. if anyone in the Kalamazoo/Portage/GR/Ionia area wouldn't mind helping a fellow Camaro5 member in need I'd only need that person to drive my vehicle back to Kalamazoo while I drove the Camaro back.

Time: 10AM in Kalamazoo, 12 in Ionia possibly back by 3ish.
Place: Kalamazoo to Ionia MI and back
Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes
Reward: Helping a Cam5 member pick up his first camaro and lunch?
Costs: None. Gas paid for by me.

Gas would be on me since both vehicles are mine. Pickup and drop off can also be arranged. Who knew picking up a car would be such a damned headache.

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