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My Camaro in front of the Las Vegas Sign.
Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 110.jpg
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Size:  33.7 KB

Myself with John Fitzpatrick,Chevrolet Marketing Mgr.-Camaro
Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 078.jpg
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L-R...John Fitzpatrick, Myself, Cheryl Pilcher, Product Marketing Mgr- Future Products in front of my
Camaro, outside SEMA.

Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 196.jpg
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Al Oppenheiser, Vehicle Chief Engineer and Myself after Al signed my
engine cover. Also got John and Cheryl to sign cover.

Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 160.jpg
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L-R...Reeves Callaway, myself, and Camaro5 member Blue70SS.
Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 104.jpg
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L-R..."Big Daddy" Don Garlits and Mario Andretti after Mario signed my engine cover.
Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 152.jpg
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Courtney Hansen from Powerblock TV show on SpikeTV. (Notice what the sign in the background says, not strictly enforced, apparently.)
Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 154.jpg
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Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger in 2010 Camaro...599 hp.
Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 155.jpg
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Vic Edelbrock
Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 159.jpg
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WD-40 Camaro and model.
Name:  SEMA Las Vegas 2009 183.jpg
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