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4th Gen. Z28 to 5th Gen. V6

Let me first start off by saying that this website is great - tons of useful info!! I can honestly say I never thought I would purchase a V6 sports car again after owning a 1995 V6 mustang(first car in high school haha)! Well how the times have changed! It is amazing the technological advances that have resulted in engineers producing a 304hp V6 engine!!!! My local dealership only had an SS on the lot when I placed my order so I have not been able to drive a 5th Gen. V6. I owned a 4th gen Z28 several years ago and I really liked the LS1 engine. However, it made more sense economically for me to opt for the V6 5th Gen. and from what I've read I'm not going to be disappointed!!! My question is can someone who has driven a 4th gen LS1 compare it to the 5th gen V6. I know this is essentially comparing apples to oranges and I realize the 4th Gen LS1 is much quicker and has more hp & torque. I just want to get a feel for what I should expect, power wise, once my baby arrives!!
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