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As a former owner of a 1982 Z28,1985 Z28,1979 bandit trans am and a 1996 V6 RS camaro the 2LT feels quite close to all of those cars and simply blows away the 1996 RS(that V6 motor sucked). Honestly the only thing i miss that a V6 simply wont give you is the beautiful V8 rumble. I had a open mind about the whole thing and test drove both the V6 and the V8 before making any decision. Just be honest with yourself if your a purist get the V8 and be done with it. If you just want a stunning looking car with some comfort and options get the 2LT. My advice dont buy anything until you test drive both engine choice's then go here for the options . O BTW once you own this car wont wont be able to stop smiling. Members call it permagrin you will understand why when u get your car.
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