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I only tire from the posts when the people who post the most don't even own a Camaro yet...much less actaully want/buy a Z/28!

I have my car, supercharger and a few other goodies...there is little if any chance I could buy a Z/28...there is little chance most on this site who have a Camaro already would/could trade it/up for a Z/28.

I guess my point is...while there is a lot of talk here about the Z/28, I honestly wonder how many people here, on Camaro5, would actually buy one, could afford one, or would trade their current Camaro for one? Not many I don't's like asking a kid what do you want in your're going to get answers, but not alot of eaters!

I hope it does eventually come out...I think heritage wise it's a good move. But, stick to the heritage of the Z/28 and make it an all around track type car. The SS is, was and always will be the higher hp of the two...the fastest in a straight line as well.

My opinion...bash away!
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