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Originally Posted by Callaway Chris View Post
Definitive launch date for Camaro Convertible?

When is it? I have read the blogs, heard the speculation, even talked to someone who claims to "have one on order" for January delivery...

My wife wants a new set of wheels and claims she will be happy with a Camaro convertible. If the car is due in the next few mos., I'll be safe. Otherwise, it's gonna be a long winter, waiting...

Anyone with good news and the straight scoop?
Well some really reliable people on here that actually work in Oshawa have said that the plant is shutting down for a week this Jan to add in a line for the Camaro rag top.

Also GM has said that the 'vert will be sold as a 2011 model so you MIGHT be able to order one this summer after the model year changes over.
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