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Oh, ok. I've heard of torque management but never knew fully what it did. I bet it is there for a reason but whynot drive your car to its full potential once in a while! Is it easy to turn on/off or do you need HP tuners or something? I just hope the MT is not more expensive. I'm going to test drive both anyway to see which I like better and base my judgment on that and if the L99 will really get significantly better mpg which I believe the LS3 can get real close to.
If the V6 is going to get 26 I don' see it getting much higher than it and thats "only" a 3 mpg diff which I think I can get a bump of 2-4mpg with the LS3. Though it may be possible to get better V6 and L99 numbers so i'm still stuck in my decision.
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