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Originally Posted by dms View Post
To give more data, wqe do not want to run our Pedders Camaro on a high speed coarse. The Pedders Camaro has the ability to fly to 175mph. But she does not have a 5 point harness nor a role cage. So we will choose coarses that are very technical. 135-140mph arem a drop in the bucket and easy to handle and deal with. Keep in mind, the Pedders Camaro is a daily driver, used to pick up the kids at school. Most of the vehicles at the Optima Challenge cannot say the same. Many competitive vew3hicles there were not suppose to shavew the tires but it is blatantly obvious thsy did. Many were running the Hoozer tires that are in fact DOT rated, bgut if you go to their site, they will say they are all out track tires and are not to be driven on the street. The top 2-3 vehicles were flat out full role cage race cars and in no way were streetable cars like the Pedders Camaro. But the tests were what they were. The Pedders Camnaro qwas by far the fastest Camaro there by over 7 seconds and it was a farily low speed track that was more technical than high speed. Therefore power was of little influence, but suspension and tire set up was critical. a 6-7 second advantage is a lifetime on a race coarse. Without a doubt, our numbers will priove that the Pedders setup, direction, and influence is by far second to none in the Camaro Community



I dont want to rain on your parade but the pedders time for the road coarse I believe was 1:54 with a professional driver and I believe there was a camaro that ran 1:56 without a professional driver and alot less HP and less suspension upgrades than yours... YES you were the fastest but you also had the most HP, full suspension setup and a professional driver did help too. Just my 2 cents....
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