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Originally Posted by LSxcellent View Post
Some interesting info in here... most suprising is the idea that the convertable would shrink! I kind of like the size that it is! That's probably because I am pretty tall (as is my whole family) so a slightly larger pony car would be great!

I agree in the sense that I don't want to see the Camaro shrink either. If the windshield is too low, lower the seat! Or, make it a power seat that can lower for us tall guys and raise for the not as tall. I don't know how much it's going to shrink. All I've heard is that it's shrinking in width by 1/2 inch..still 5 1/2 inches wider than any Camaro ever produced. It's roof is raised something like 14mm (don't exaclty recall that one). I don't know abou the overall length though. Don't think anything's been said about the length at all the boards here. Yup...I'd love a slightly larger pony car too!
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