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Originally Posted by Shadowsong View Post
I would LOVE for brembo's to be an option... one less thing to upgrade
I really don't want to have to am these brakes, but I guess I will if it comes to that. But really how much harder can slapping on some Brembo's be as opposed to standard brakes? I would think they would have the same installation difficulty more or less, just the Brembo's are mechanically superior. For this reason I see no reason why they should not be an option, that and it looks like quite a few people would get it. Another reason is that this will further minimize the ricer-ness of fully-loaded V6's (not that I think this car is anything close to a ricer, but sadly I don't speak for everyone). It will make it more competitive with cars like the 350z, which has avaliable Brembo's. Considering the Z is one of the main competitors for the V6, GM should be competitive (or at least option-wise) throughout the whole car, and be sure not to leave out stuff like brakes, considering the Camaro is way heavier!

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