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Originally Posted by Steve1968LS2 View Post
lol... hey us "old Camaro" guys gotta keep you "new Camaro" guys in line..

And yes, I do believe you had the fastest 2010 times. You were in the exhibition class though, right?
You are are correct. We were honest, and joined the exhibition class. The event was all about showing how the Pedders Camaro can handle. Paul did an exceptionally fine job of it. I especially enjoyed seeing the ZR1 behind it and not being able to follow the same line, and had a lot of understeer, and body role, compared to the Pedders Camaro. I do not know what the ZR1 had in terms of mods. I assume we can find out. I still have not heard the lap times and such. As far as I know the Pedders Camaro was in the top 3-4 fastest times. I do not think any of the top 3 could say their rides are totally streetable and would be used for daily driving to pick the kids up from school


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