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Originally Posted by Steve1968LS2 View Post
Cool story is that the Fairlane use to be mine too.. I build it when I worked at PHR.

My '68 is only 6300 without driver.. the DSE and Jackass cars are most likely in the 6500 to 6600 range sans driver due to having AC and in the case of Jackass a blower and such.

I imagine Pedders Camaro has to be near 4,000 lbs.. so getting those laps times is no small feat.
I had all my travel arrangements already done, and was already gone from home for 2 weeks. then the Optima popped up, and never being there before, did not really know what to expect. So I decided to fly home. I slept for 10 hours on Sunday!! So I got info from people that were there. It sounded to be SERIOUSLY exciting! Now I wish that I did go!

there were really awesome rides there, with great craftsmanship thruout.

Pete was initially going to drive, but once we found out the there were multiple pro drivers, that were potentially fudging the rules, we called on our friend and advisor to take a drive for us and see if his advise and console was working. I am still not sure if the data on the lap times and such got sent out.

But a fun time for all to say the least!

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