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Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
Some people just don't know how to read rules! They also must think Camaro's were never produces before the 2010 model. LOL

11) Participants must use DOT approved tires. Tires will be required to pass a technical inspection at the track. The spirit of the event requires the use of a DOT approved “street” tire – no modifications to tires will be acceptable, including shaving. Any vehicle with tires showing any evidence of modification will be immediately disqualified from the event. DOT approved “R” compound tires are acceptable, examples include BFGoodrich R1’s etc.
No drag radials will be allowed[/COLOR].

Last I checked, every racer pushes the rules to the limit or they are not racers. What we brought to the track is a daily driver in our house. My wife takes the kids to school in it. I drive it for work -- yeah I know I have a tough job. My point is that D.O.T. "R" compound tires are not suited for daily driver use. That casts the Ultimate Street Car concept into a vague area. Street cars don't get trailered to the track. They get driven. That is nothing but my opinion. The rules are posted and clear. The group at the track followed the rules.

I think the Optima Challenge is a terrific event. I plan to be there next year with Paul, a Camaro and a Mustang. Mr. Day tells me we are welcome. My goal is to drive to the track and drive home with the FTD on the road course in EXHIBITION class. (Maybe Bruce will have a flat on the way to the track?) I do not feel that companies should compete with individuals for the same reasons as posted about the tires. It puts the event into a vague area. The focus is on the the Challenge racers with the companies in EXHIBITION providing name recognition to promote the event.

Bruce brought a nuclear weapon to the event. The car was nothing short of AMAZING in the three performance events. In fact, I loved every car and every one I met involved with a car in the Challenge was first class. It was a great day.
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