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Handhelds don't read A/F. You vehicle only has narrow band 02 sensors installed anyhow so it would really be a waste to read them unless your tuning idle/part throttle. WOT is out of the question. You need to buy a wideband (min. $3xx.xx) honestly to do any real A/F tuning and then there is the expense of hardware (min. $45x.xx) to read the signal including the software to read such data along with of coarse an advanced education in tuning (min. $1,8xx,xx)...I sell and support both ends of this spectrum. I've personally started with the handheld and went the mega buck tuner route myself. For those willing to tackle the expense and schooling I salute you. For the average enthusiast I ask one question: Where else are you going to get the ability to swap back/forth at will a stock to performance tune or vice versa (like at warranty time) as inexpensive as the Superchips handheld tuner?

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