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Originally Posted by dayvedayve View Post
No Rick - yes
No John Stamos - din't know he sang except on full house - double yes
No Jared Leto - ? but I'll Take your word on that one.

BON JOVI - Must take the left Fork on that one. BON JOVI is in a different league than those guys. Their old stuff is awesome. His actor status came later. Besides you haven't driven, until you play "Wanted Dead Or Alive" at full blast with the top down and 3 hot chicks in the passenger seats. Those were the days.

Oh I almost forgot, Love the color scheme on the Black IROC-Z photshop.
Amen sir! Especially to the part about Wanted Dead or Alive. Classic. Additionally, I dare someone to try and tell me you can't get a girl in the backseat with "Bed of Roses".
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