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Custom Single turbo kit hits 724/770

Well After breaking the trans out out shaft and selling the Procharger and all the parts I was going to sell the car. After getting it back from getting the trans fixed I remember how much I like the car. So I decided to build a single turbo kit for it. Started it on Monday and now it is in finally going back together. I just need to complete the fuel system for it tomorrow and get it on the rollers.
My goal is 700rwhp and 700rwtq on 10 psi. I dont mean a torque spike like fast lane (no offence) and power falling rapidly after 5000rpm. It will come on fast and hard and last all the way to redline. I have built many turbo kits and looked around to see whats avalible and nothing I've seen is worth buying. My kit and fuel system will make a 1000rwhp with a built motor witch is coming soon(Next week). I will post up final install picks and Dyno Graph's as soon as it gets off the rollers.

76mm turbo
38mm wastegate
50mm blowoff
27x16x4 intercooler
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