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Originally Posted by 21STCENTURYMUSCLECARS View Post
It's pretty good sized but is very drivable and most of my customers want the chop, the car has a 3.3 pulley and Dynatech Headers w. Hi flows

I have a LS3 A-6 cam that was spec'd for me, believe it's 223/231 115 lsa
I have not installed it yet but it should be about right for an A-6 car
That's almost the exact cam I used to make 672 in my vette. It took a 2.9" pulley though. Made the power on 8 to 8.5psi. I wonder if the muffs or cats are more restrictive on that Camaro. My Vette has no cats and dual mode NPP mufflers. With the flaps closed, I can see over 9.5 psi, but the power goes way down when boost and exhaust back pressure go up. I wish someone would step up and make a dual mode muffler for the Camaro.

I appreciate your willingness to discuss your cam specs. Most shops won't do that. I won't do business with those that say, "Trust me, you won't have any idea what the cam is, but you'll like it!" I'll probably do the TVS install myself, but I'll give you a shout on the parts for cam,valve train, and exhaust upgrades.
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